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BTC offers a modern tool for small and large organizations that wish to organize the work of their Technical Support Departments in a professional manner. eHelpDesk is software that helps Technical Support Engineers manage their IT environment efficiently and effectively.

eHelpDesk is a developing product. BTC continues to work on expanding features and improving ergonomics for the user. As the project develops, BTC plans to release new versions of the software, taking into account the various aspects of modern helpdesk systems.

Below is an overview of features available in eHelpDesk V1. All components are fully integrated and are designed for easy and immediate installation.

Key system components:
  • Administration/service engineer panel
  • Reports and analyses
  • ITIL methodology support
  • End-user panel
  • Remote access

Features - subpages:

Main system features

  • Integration with Active Directory - user import
  • Integration with the eAuditor system
  • Integration with eRemote Desktop (eRDS)*
  • Converting e-mails into support tickets
  • Managing e-mails with attachments
  • Full integration of e-mails with support tickets, including entire correspondence history
  • Option of adding attachments
  • Building the company organizational structure
  • Calendar
  • Engineer notifications
  • Internal messaging between service engineers
  • Defining authorisation levels for each view
  • User permission groups
  • Two language versions - Polish and English
  • Database: MySQL
  • Application server: Apache Tomcat
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux

*eAuditor installation required.

Administration/service engineer panel

  • Support ticket records - assigned to a service technician, date, status, priority, comments, notifications
  • Incident management
    • Incident records - assignment to a service engineer, date, status, priority
    • Adding solutions, including temporary solutions - workarounds
    • Defining actions
    • Adding comments
    • Notifications
    • Attachments
  • Service request management
    • Service request records - assignment to a service engineer, date, status, priority
    • Defining actions
    • Adding comments
    • Notifications
    • Attachments
  • Problem management
    • Problem records - assignment to a service engineer, date, status
    • Problem analysis - impact, main cause, symptoms
    • Adding solutions, including temporary solutions
    • Defining tasks
    • Work log support
    • Combining incidents with problems
    • Problem history
    • Adding comments
    • Notifications
    • Attachments
  • Change management
    • Change records - status, assigned, date, priority
    • Support for various changes
    • Combining incidents and problems with changes
    • Change planning support: impact, deployment plan, roll-back procedure, checklist
    • Change approval - change advisory boards (CAB and ECAB)
    • Implementation - defining tasks, work log support
    • Reviewing
    • Change history
    • Adding comments
    • Notifications
    • Attachments
  • Solutions
    • Public solution database
    • Private solution database
    • Simple search engine allowing the user to find solutions using keywords or categories
    • Option of adding multiple solutions
    • Temporary solutions - workarounds
    • Proper solutions
  • Resource management
    • Defining custom resource types
    • Option of assigning service engineer to a structure
    • Resource list import from the eAuditor system*
    • Application list import from the eAuditor system*
    • Application library
    • Option of assigning applications to a resource
    • Reading the technical details of a computer*

*eAuditor installation required.

Reports and analyses

  • Support for reports using CrystalReports standard
  • Parameter-based reports
  • Predefined reports
    • Comprehensive reporting on application status
    • Comprehensive reporting on resource status
    • Comprehensive reporting on change status
    • Comprehensive reporting on incident status
    • Comprehensive reporting on problem status
    • Comprehensive reporting on solution status
  • Option of adding custom reports*
  • Unlimited report grouping options
  • Exporting reports to the following file formats: pdf, xls, doc, rtf, csv, rpt

*Required CrystalReports environment.


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