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eHelpDesk is a versatile system, which supports the ITIL management methodology, delivering technical support for companies and institutions focused on innovative IT solutions.

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Why eHelpDesk?

The users of professional solutions offered by BTC can create their own technical support centre for their organizations. As a result, technical problems related to IT resources are resolved much faster with complete information, i.e. support ticket history as well as hardware and software details are available immediately in one place.

General information

eHelpDesk is a versatile system that delivers technical support for companies specializing in innovative IT solutions and it also supports the ITIL management methodology.

ITIL and eHelpDesk

The eHelpDesk system fully supports the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) management methodology, which is a set of best practices concerning the management of IT services.

ITIL was designed in the mid-1980s by organizations representing public and private sectors from all over the world. Today, the sole owner of ITIL is the government of the United Kingdom.

System appliance

eHelpDesk is another solution offered by BTC to organizations which appreciate professionalism and comprehensiveness in terms of technical support and support ticket management, while ensuring the correct coordination of tasks carried out by technical departments with more than one employee.

eHelpDesk components

Administration Portal - a site that allows administrators and technical service engineers to manage the system, and offers built-in features for finding solutions to problems in a public and private problem database.

Main processes

eHelpDesk combines all the elements of ITIL methodology of management. Thanks to integration with the eAuditor software it has many more capabilities as compared to other such systems.


The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the Polish state budget as part of the Regional Operational Program of the West Pomeranian Region for 2007-2013. Project title: "Increasing the competitiveness of BTC Sp. z o.o. in the domestic market through the implementation of product and process innovations." Contract No.: UDA-RPZP.01.01.01-32-039/08-00


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