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System appliance?

eHelpDesk is another solution offered by BTC to organizations which appreciate professionalism and comprehensiveness in terms of technical support and support ticket management, while ensuring the correct coordination of tasks carried out by technical departments with more than one employee.
eHelpDesk guarantees high quality and automation of handling multiple support tickets with access to information on support ticket status. The growing history of support tickets can be accessed easily, allowing users to quickly search the support ticket database, for example, in order to find a problem that has already been solved.

eHelpDesk facilitates the description of different process stages such as:
  • impact analysis - risks associated with implementing changes
  • deployment plan - method of implementing changes
  • emergency plan - plans to roll back changes
  • task list - lists of necessary tasks to be performed in order to carry out change plans successfully.

Among the improvements offered by eHelpDesk is the facilitated coordination of introducing changes. The system provides built-in reports concerning pending changes based on priority and urgency as well as and the number of incidents and problems associated with a given change. These reports significantly aid the work of change managers. As a result, all approved changes are introduced with minimum downtime.


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