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Change management

The objective of the change management process is to introduce approved changes efficiently, while maintaining an acceptable level of risk for current and new IT services.

eHelpDesk enables the management of both initially proposed changes and changes with a complete approval cycle. The first step of the change introduction process is the request for that change. It may be created as a "New request for change" or as a consequence of one or many problems.
eHelpDesk helps generate a change plan, which requires the user to specify the cause, to submit a request for a change and to define its level of impact on company operations.

  • Request for change and change description
    A user with appropriate authorisation submits a request for change (concerning e.g. hardware, software or network) together with a description of the change. It is possible to combine problems and incidents. A system user can also define: impact of the change, implementation plan, roll-back procedure, and checklist.
  • Change plans and change commission
    A system user defines a change commission. During change planning it is possible to define various changes with a specific impact level and urgency.
  • Approval of changes by the commission (administrators)
    A list of persons who accept or reject given changes.
  • Change schedule implementation
    A user determines which tasks must be performed to introduce changes for each solution in the work log. Using the calendar view it is possible to check at what time work on a given change will be done.
  • Review of individual changes
    The assessment of actions taken allows a user to draw conclusions for future changes.
  • Change history preview
    The history tab of a given change includes information on all actions taken with regard to that change.
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